• 2D/3D animation

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    We use top of the line Autodesk solutions in order to challenge today’s production needs, whether it be modelling, adaptation, animation, character animation etc. Development of a 3D sequence involves various pre- and post-production stages, such as:

    - preparation for 3D modelling (we use your modelling sheets or create new ones from scratch)
    - modelling (we make sure that our objects are animation-friendly and tend to suggest polygonal modelling)
    - mapping and texturing (done in combination with various unwrap and painting tools)
    - animation (keyframe by keyframe, we bring your ideas to life)
    - lightning (scene preparation is very important. Clever light positioning may change the cutest scene into a horrific nightmare, if that’s your thing)
    - preview renders (we make sure to send our test animations and preview renders for the client’s consideration)
    - and lastly, rendering the Final image (this is the part when all the hard work pays off. It is a matter of professional pride and satisfaction so we are always trying to improve and advance our production with regards to production standards and innovations)


Final image is carefully divided when rendering. This output passes are then skilfully assembled in our Compositing department. To gain further insight, check out our breakdown section.