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    Bold Studio offers a comprehensive suite of post-production services from editing and colour grading to animation and complex VFX compositing. We provide our clients with pre-production consulting and on set supervision, depending on project demands. Chose quality service in a comfortable environment!

  • Color grading

    Color grading

    We use DaVinci Resolve grading system, the real-time industry standard for many years. Our colourists have collaborated with world-renowned DOPs. In association with the VFX department we can make the best out of diverse material.

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  • VFX


    Pre-production consulting and on-set supervision. We make effects and solve problems. Among others, we use the following VFW types: crowd replication, chroma keying, rotoscopy, retouching/painting, 2D/3D tracking, wire removal...

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  • 2D/3D animation

    2D/3D animation

    We use top of the line Autodesk solutions in order to challenge today’s production needs, whether it be modelling, adaptation, animation, character animation etc. Development of a 3D sequence involves various pre- and post-production stages.

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  • Editing


    Editing room does not need to be a windowless basement. We have a well-equipped and confortable editing room with Final Cut Pro software, as well as a reference monitor, 3D monitor, Digibeta and Blue Ray recorder.

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