Right now, Siniša and his crew are back in civilization. After climbing dangerous and exciting mountin routes, they come back to comfort of air condicioned studio. Thousands of photos are now processed and location design is created. Italian part of the team is working on 3D modeling of “Anića kuk” the biggest cliff on Velebit mountain and also main location for this animated movie. We got the support of “The Animation Workshop”, part of the Centre for Education and Animation in Viborg, Denmark. It’s one of the most dedicated animation institutions in the world. The Croatian Audiovisual Centre also recognised the value of the Climbers project, as well as Paklenica National Park.



Juraj and Alan, two great friends of different characters, bound by the common love of free climbing, as experienced climbers calmly embark on another challenge in their climbing career. Their aim is to cross a long and strenuous climbing route in Paklenica National Park. Halfway en route, Juraj makes an ambitious but thoughtless move on a rock, resulting in an accident...


For 3D environment modeling we use photos of real locations, almost as blueprints. Film’s action is located in Paklenica National Park, one of the most significant alpine climbing centre on the Adriatic coast, and Croatia in general. For characters we use combined 2D/3D technique, so that all characters have top layer that is hand drawn on top of 3D render. That way we can keep hand drawn style that we defenately want to achieve. We use Cintiq 24HD because we don’t want to make any compromises!

All materials from this film are copyrighted by Siniša Mataić.


HAVC - Croatian Audiovisual Centre recognized animated short “Climbers” as great project, and agreed to co-finance production of film. Results are published 7.3.2012 (www.havc.hr)


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